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Despite the fact that currently UK employers can freely recruit any citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland without the need for a UK work visa, there is still an ongoing shortage of skilled workers within the field of innovative digital technology, particularly within the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. 

Global Talent Visas enables digital technology firms to plug the skills gap by supporting businesses to recruit overseas nationals with specific skill set that are most needed in the UK right now. Candidates must be leading industry experts or demonstrate potential to become global leaders. This route provides a long-term work visa leading to permanent UK residency that is personal to the individual i.e. it is not tied to a sponsoring employer.  


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The UK business must have been trading with at least one employee before filing an application for a sponsor licence. The business will need to show adequate HR systems and policies  are in place and satisfy the Home Office compliance requirements. 


We can assist with sponsor licence applications; sponsor licence renewals; issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS); auditing & compliance; guidance on Home Office site inspections; compliance & sponsor licence management training; advice on impact of mergers, acquisitions and other organisational changes on your sponsor licence.

We work with our clients to ensure they remain compliant with their duties under UK immigration rules, and avoid civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance.


The Tier 2 (General) category of the Points Based System is a sponsored visa route available to all non-EEA nationals who have secured a skilled job in the UK.


UK employers must hold a valid licence before hiring non-EEA nationals and the vacant role offered to a non-EEA national often need to be advertised before an employer is able to request permission from the UK's immigration authorities to recruit migrants against the UK's immigration cap (some exceptions apply). 

The Tier 2 General visa route is particularly beneficial for migrants as it offers permanent residency after five years of continuous lawful stay in the UK.


The UK government introduced the Innovator visa and Start Up visa in March 2019. These visas are designed for genuine entrepreneurs who are willing and able to build innovative businesses that are endorsed by a registered endorsing body in the UK.

This is a key distinction from the previous entrepreneur visa. The applicant must now have a genuine and original business plan. It must meet new or existing market needs creating a competitive advantage. Applicants must demonstrate necessary skills, knowledge, experience and market awareness to successfully run the business and there must be evidence of structured planning. This will include the potential for job creation and growth into national and international markets.

Start Up Category

The Startup category is designed for high potential, early stage entrepreneurs.

  • No funds are required

  • Applicants can reside in the UK with their families for two years. Thereafter, they can switch into the Innovative category.

  • Applicants will work solely on developing their business

Innovator Category

The UK Innovator category is designed for more experienced business people.

  • Minimum investment of £50,000

  • Applicants can reside in the UK with their families for three years. Thereafter, they can extend their stay for 3 years or apply for UK settlement.

  • During this period applicants will work solely on developing their business

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“ I have worked with Eba from Kamaly Consultancy across three start-ups in the UK, including my present company High tech companies like ours need to hire fast and hire across the globe in order to succeed. Eba has made the entire process of hiring non-EEA nationals completely seamless. Our rapid growth would not have been possible without her support.”

Vishal Chatrath

CEO, Limited


Cambridge tech startups handed masterclass on hiring outside EU

Vishal Chatrath, CEO of one of the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence companies in the world based Cambridge says the very first dollar he spent after launching the start-up was in hiring the services of Kamaly Consultancy.



Safely out of stealth with the embryonic, Vishal became Eba’s first client with her new enterprise. The working relationship has clearly thrived as Eba is now expanding her own firm to cope with the growing workload that complex immigration law is creating.

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